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THOUGHT: Most English people today would benefit greatly from learning a first language

Style, panache and femininity. Let's pick up where we left offThe Cardboard Enemy

Two recent letters have helped to make clear a concept often referred to but never, we think, explicitly expounded. We therefore join them together to make a single section entitled The Cardboard Enemy. We hope you find it useful. There are also new letters in the Letterbox.

Normal Service Resumed

Recent "road works" appear to be completed so we should have no more interruptions in the service and a faster, sleeker server to boot - if one does boot a server. We continue with our programme of reissuing some valuable older material - we call your attention to the current Romanticism piece - as well as new material. Oh and do take a look at the Letterbox.

A New Look for the Secession Site

Friends familiar with this site will notice that things have changed a little. We are growing, you see. Until now this first page has contained a more or less complete index to the site. It was the introductory page contents list and navigation centre all rolled into one.

As more material is added this scheme becomes impossible. From now on, this, our "front page" will be used for news and "editorials" together with a list of the newer essays on the site (the newest at the top). The old front page will now become our Reception Centre, at which all new visitors are recommended to begin their journey. This will have the introductory editorial together with a list of introductory essays on Secessionist concepts. Soon we shall add a general Contents Page, from which all material on the site can be found. If you have ever wondered why there is an item called "Contents" on the bar at the bottom of each essay which when clicked leads nowhere, it is because we had planned this Contents Page from the beginning. Soon you will be able to go there. So you see - we don't just make it all up as we go along!


What's New in Secession?

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Welcome and introductory material from our pretty receptionistReception Centre - to understand the site, please go here first.

The real world lives in its enemies' dreamsThe Cardboard enemy the fantasy that sustains the Pit.

A new look at art and  "cultural evolution"Romanticism, Past and Present thoughts on our romantic tradition

The Perpetual Flux theory of language meets its Waterloo Is English Changing? Our language is changing rapidly - or is it?

Turn on, tune in, secede The Wonder of Wireless listen in to the real world.

Two-letter bad language! Why "the U.K."? The New Name for Old England - and why we shouldn't use it.

The old opposition between Bohemianism and convention is subtler than recent ideology leads us to believe True and False Bohemians a 1920s novel throws light on some recent false assumptions

Coffee, furs and philosophy - and a building for secessionists Secession in Vienna some observations for the sound traveller

After a century poisoned by Freud, eroticism deserves a second chance. Three Erotic Studies: The collapse and possible renewal of eroticism.

One unusual answer to the problem of cultural impoverishment Novarian Games Plumbers, princesses and animated mushrooms

A new beginning? Or will things just go on getting worse? New Thoughts for a new Century Comments on the turn of the millenium.