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Style, panache and femininity. Let's pick up where we left offA New Sensibility for a

New Era

As the century turned we found ourselves in a culture that had learned nothing and forgotten nothing since 1968. A third of a century had been timelocked in the most dreary, static sargasso known to modern history.

The development of style, music, fashion which had soared from the neo-classical to the romantic, from art nouveau to art deco became bogged down in a dismal, mindless lacuna of post-hippie, pseudo-egalitarian scruffiness - scruffiness not only of dress, but equallyof mind and soul.

As a new century dawns, a new sensibility is long overdue. It is time people began to stand aside from the mired-down chaos of the past thirty years and began thinking (something almost unbelievable to late-20th-century minds) new thoughts. New thoughts that begin where civilisation left off a third of a century ago.

Dip into our table of contents - it will be growing steadily over the next little while. They will cover just about everything that makes up the culture of a society. In other words, just about everything that has been corrupted over the past thirty years.

Introductory Essays

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A succinct article defining the scope and purpose of the siteIntroduction and Definitions: What is this all about?

The cardinal problem of post-Eclipse Britain - and its solutionThe Problem of Proletarianisation: What has happened to gentlemanly England?

"Who controls language controls thought" - an antidote to the enemy's weasel vocabularyGlossary Some secessionist words - and why we need them

A new beginning? Or will things just go on getting worse?New Thoughts for a new Century Comments on the turn of the millenium.

The importance of aesthetics in building the futureThe Corruption of Form
Will you create your own world or let the enemy continue to create his around you?The Image-Sphere
Two cardinal secessionist concepts, extracted from The Feminine Universe.

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